Executive Management
Managing Director: Michael Hubbe

A seasoned and versatile business captain backed by over 25 years of experience in Malawi. With a natural inquisitiveness & superior people management skills, He provides the right top leadership which has steered the company away from imminent closure into market domination. His professionally unbiased mental posture provides the critical binding force upon which all functional heads connect for optimal company performance.

His expertise in supply chain is a source of competitiveness for Candlex. The company is able to source materials from across the globe thanx to his entrenchment & knowledge of supply markets.

Deputy Managing Director: Fredrick Changaya

Fredrick Changaya has broad based management expertise with strong entrenchment in general (strategic) management, finance management, marketing management, commercial law, economics, statistics, Production operations and HR. He holds the following qualifications: Master of Science in Marketing, University of Salford UK; MBA & BBA, Malawi Polytechnic; Post Graduate Diploma, in Marketing and Member of CIM UK. He was 3rd in Old Mutual Mathematics Olympiad 1991 for all F3 students and he had aggregate of 9 points for MSCE, 1992.

Fredrick was part of the management team that turned around Candlex LTD by 2002. He continues to be part of the teams that have seen the company reach one milestone after the other between 2000 to date. He has dedicated and committed almost 2 decades managing Candlex LTD and associated companies such as PCL and Aspirants. His length of service is the fabric threading through management continuity and institutional memory thereby providing seamless evolution from the past through the present into the future. Such a tale of tape places Fredrick amongst a rare category of business legends and professionals in Malawi.

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