2017 Long Service Awards
23 January 2017

On Friday 20th January, awards were given to CDX staff members that had successfully completed 10 and 20 years of long service for service, dedication and commitment to Candlex Ltd. Members who had completed 10 years were Mr Amos Magongwa, Mr Allan Kamiton and Ms Flavia Dalili. Members that had completed 20 years were Mr Tony Gawani, Mrs Jimmily Kalua and our very own GM Mr Fredrick Changaya.

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06 December 2013

In November, 4ITS an ICT company based in Hamburg, Germany came down to work on a project with Candlex’s ICT team. The project work involved major upgrading and enhancing Candlex’s current ICT infrastructure. New equipment was installed and the project was successfully completed.

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New Bodycare Glycerine Machine
24 September 2013

Celebrating yet another first in the industry! While most in the industry continue to fill their Glycerines manually, Candlex takes filling to a new, platinum, standard; separating Bodycare Glycerine from its contemporaries. The recently commissioned automatic filling & capping machine for Glycerine places Candlex & Bodycare Glycerine at the pinnacle, the epitome, of technological leadersh...

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Launch of Dazzle washing powder
20 February 2013

The powder market in Malawi has always been dominated by foreign made products. Most brands are not made in Malawi. Considering that Malawi is reeling under importation effects such as acute forex & fuel shortages, rising inflation with low GDP growth and rising unemployment, Candlex saw it fit to contribute to the ERP by rolling out our own doze of import substitution industrialization. We launch...

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Soap technology improvement
19 February 2013

Good news to all our valued customers of laundry soap; mainly Ufresh tablet soap. The company is pleased to announce that last year marked 180 degrees turn about in the quality of our laundry soaps. We now offer a harder soap but with high cleaning and high lathering ability. Furthermore, the process creates efficiency gains within the supply chain hence better price. It is worth noting that wi...

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