Launch of Dazzle washing powder
20 February 2013

The powder market in Malawi has always been dominated by foreign made products. Most brands are not made in Malawi. Considering that Malawi is reeling under importation effects such as acute forex & fuel shortages, rising inflation with low GDP growth and rising unemployment, Candlex saw it fit to contribute to the ERP by rolling out our own doze of import substitution industrialization. We launched Dazzle Hand Wash Powder after a careful analysis of the qualities sought after by the consumers.

Our Dazzle has mild after wash effect on the palms compared to many other powders in the market. The soap has high active ingredients for high cleaning and high lathering/rinsing power. Quite simply the brand essence for Dazzle is that of high efficacy.

But as you can see, this soap is no ordinary soap. It’s a Best Buy Malawi soap. It’s a soap that will give you what all these other soaps will if not more. But over and above most imported powder soaps, Dazzle will employ Malawians, will save forex, will add local value and contribute to the general economic recovery. So it’s a must buy powder soap if you are a Malawi loving person.

Dazzle comes in several sizes to suit your washing dish. It ranges from 25g, 50g, 100g, 400g, 1Kg and even 30Kg. Just choose the size that suits you. We will appreciate and Malawi will appreciate too.