New Bodycare Glycerine Machine
24 September 2013

Celebrating yet another first in the industry!

While most in the industry continue to fill their Glycerines manually, Candlex takes filling to a new, platinum, standard; separating Bodycare Glycerine from its contemporaries.

The recently commissioned automatic filling & capping machine for Glycerine places Candlex & Bodycare Glycerine at the pinnacle, the epitome, of technological leadership in Malawi. This is a clear demonstration that we continue to sustain ourselves at the leading edge of innovation & technology within the industry serving our consumers better.

When we say we are flexible & innovative it is not mere rhetoric.

When we claim to be a responsive and entrepreneurial organization it isn’t bare yada yada!

From the MD through the entire fabric of the company, talk is cheap!

Action resonates louder across the entire organization; swift call to action.

Others say it’s not a show off if you can back it up. When we profess we always improve & remain abreast of the dynamics here is how we do it. Exit manual filling systems enter the automatic and capping machine. Two in one with surgical precision filling!

No more spillages

No more reworks due to damaged casing and messy bottles from spillages

No more over fill; no more under fill in bottles

No more fatigue effects; no more human error

Ooooh! We almost forgot; no more potential for contamination


The technology has eliminated the various human errors inherent in manual filling & capping of Glycerine. The automation is also ecologically friendly as enshrined within the objects of our mission; being responsible environmental stewards. More importantly, customers get what the brand label promises. No more trouble, no more drama from mood swings of the filler. But surgical precision & pin point filling with less waste translating into savings for all. Jealous down! It doesn’t get any better than this. New technology, new outcomes!

We endorse substance over form and quality over quantity.

This is to you all our stakeholders; particularly our consumers.

Enjoy our pneumatically filled Bodycare Glycerine

It’s ur skin, look after it!