We at Candlex subscribe to the belief that health is the greatest possession one can ever have. It adds significantly to ones wellbeing and contentment and ultimately to happiness, the life greatest treasure. One may lose wealth but remain happy and hopeful as long as he is health. The converse is not only true but also painfully true.

Don't miss your health; you may just have missed your life. Choose from amongst our soaps, cosmetics, hair care and candles products. You will save your ‘pulse’ over and above saving on your purse.

We all say home is best…and this statement would almost be false without home hygiene. Hygiene builds into health. Hygiene is almost health. We are aware that 9/10 of sickness can be prevented by...right hygiene.

We therefore pride ourselves as great servants in this noble ministry of hygiene making home sweeter home…Our cost effective floor polish, candles and detergent products simplify the quest for hygiene…for health. Try us and you will join the tribe of hygiene without any regrets.

We believe hope is the only thing that people of this world have in common regardless of colour,creed, race or ethnicity. We also espouse that hope is the fountain of all success in living memory. We all hope for better health, better life…better days and hence hope for happiness.

A smartly dressed person walks with confidence…..hope. People with beautiful skin are always elegant and more beautiful & can face the world with heads up. Health people can have hopes beyond the horizon…The list goes on and on.

We are proud that our hygiene products are industry barometers, the pace setters and revolutionary in Malawi. We go green, everybody else goes green. It is delightful to serve the world with our special doze of hope. Just look good and hope for better things in life.

The true meaning and purpose of life that all hope for…the omega of human activity. No matter how successful one is, happiness will be elusive if health is. Health will be elusive if hygiene is.

We declare therefore that happiness is only a matter of choice. Our products serve to simplify the quest for hygiene, good health and productive hope. We allow you to go about in search of your happiness, whatever your definition of happiness is, in grand style.

Our high quality at affordable prices is our contribution, of bargain proportions, towards your quality/standard of life.

Choose happiness!! Choose Candlex!! Choose Health, Hygiene, Hope & Happiness

Truly Yours Candlex Limited