For a very long time, laundry soap in Malawi was characterized by low quality; poor washability, poor foamability and generally prices that were somewhat higher relative quality. Laundry & washing were a difficult & dreaded task.

Clothes with bright colours were discolouring over time. Washers’ palms were sore, itchy and dry after washing. Yet pockets were emptying quickly. We pride ourselves for revolutionizing the market standards of laundry soap. Further as we look back we take pride that we transformed the industry by ensuring that soap companies offered meaningful quality and not just ripping off customers; we became the industry benchmark; the punch bag for most soap companies in Malawi.

Simply we over delivered on our promise. We sold a multipurpose soap Ufresh under the banner of laundry soap. Then unhead of in Malawi; most laundry soaps were 40% TFM and we offered 62% TFM which was bath grade.

We provided high washing efficacy; high cleaning power; high rinsing power; highly ergonomic shape; revolutionary light green colour and highly competitive prices. Prices that outpaced low grade pure laundry soaps yet ours was high spec multipurpose grade. We aimed at eliminating the pain of washing:

The physical pain by easy cleaning, easy dissolution, high rising power plus easy to handle shapes

Being a multipurpose, the palms do not crack or peel off after washing; no sores on palms

The emotional pain of time; fast dissolution of soap reduces the pressure of washing

The economic pain of having to pay less for more on our brands than normal

Simply put “Laundry made Simple”

Simplifying the washing experience

Turning a dreaded exercise into fun for all to enjoy
Laundry Soap/powder
Ufresh 140g
Dazzle 100g
Ufresh 400g
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