We know….you know the skin is one of the most critical organs of the body

Its sensory, respiratory, excretory, ‘defensory’ and ‘beautory’ functions are so vital

Any sane person shouldn’t leave such an important organ to fate

One should have a conscious & deliberate plan for maintenance of this body part

We, at Candlex, believe it deserves perfect treat

Nothing else but the best care

With our skin care formulations one can confer such reverence on this vital organ-the skin

We beg the indulgence of all and sundry to up the profile of this important organ

We say please please please….be reminded over and over again

“it is your skin…(very critical organ-silent though)..look after it!”

Our range is wide and deep enough to cater for diverse skin needs

Our Bodycare PJ caters for normal skin and adult family,

While the babycare family cares for those with tender skin; children, grannies etc

And for babies we have Mamas care which is super soft for ease of application on baby skins with mild baby fragrances; do not burn your babies skin or choke them with strong fumes

Our Bodycare glycerines offer variety to PJ just like do Bodycare Lotions which have a coolant effect on the skin/body

As usual, all this variety at market competitive prices
Mama`s care
Super Soft Baby Jelly 25g
Super Soft Baby Jelly 50g
Petroleum Jelly 250g
Petroleum Jelly 500g
Bodycare Pure Glycerine
Pure Glycerine 55ml
Pure Glycerine 110ml
Bodycare Lotion
Peach & Lanolin 250 ml
Cocao Butter 250ml
Jasmine 250ml
Bodycare Perfumed Petroleum Jelly
She `n He
Hairfood 250g
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