In line with cosmetics above, we know skin is very vital organ

But we further know that a house with a poor foundation is but poor

No matter what quality skin preparations, they will count for nothing if the skin is not clean in first place

The skin needs a good bath soap;

Our bath soaps are market leaders by efficacy and cost.

Washability of our soap is so competitive that its competitive prices make people wonder in disbelief

We offer a range of colours, fragrances and sizes to suit different market function, aspiration and cost needs

The flag carrier of this category is Butex soap. Currently counting for at least 30% of market share, this is one of the market dominating brands within the category

As we strive to provide people with high efficacy yet low cost soap,

We espouse “Beautiful skin…beautiful people”

We pride ourselves for helping people bring the beauty out of themselves

We also have a range for hospitality application

The Guest soap has predominantly served the hotel industry
Butex Luxury Soap 130g
Green 130g
White 130g
Pink 130g
Butex Luxury Soap 200g
Green 200g
White 200g
Pink 200g
Guest Toilet Soap
White 25g
White 100g
Bodycare Beauty Soap
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